Any doubt you might have, if not listed in this FAQ, feel free to contact me via the contact tab at the bottom of the page, via my facebook or e-mail and I’ll always reply ASAP.

Who am I? I’m Bruno, a 24yo guy from Brazil that plays neo since 2006 and I’ve been selling NC cards since January 2018.

Why are you moving to e-junkie?

I started selling on rocketr, then I found shoppy to be a better plataform, lately I've been having some issues with Paypal (their super high fees and lack of support when needed), so I started looking for a better service to receive payments, and found Stripe, which has a high security system, it allows you to pay directly with your credit/debit card and has a good support, unfortunatelly both shoppy and rocketr system doesn't support brazilian stripe for now (both sites charges a sales % and this system is still not supported in Brazil), and that's the reason I'm moving to this new shop domain.

You can still check both shoppy feedbacks and rocketr feedbacks, I have over a 1000.

How do I buy a card? 

Pick your product and then “Add to cart”, then, click “Pay using debit/credit card” and add your informations (you don’t need to fill your phone, company or check the box of updates, it’s optional), just click “PAY XX USD” and after your payment is approved, you will get the codes in your email box!! If you don’t receive it, check your spam box, if not there, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll provide you the codes as soon as I see your message (it’s really rare but sometimes shoppy server doesn’t behave the best).

I got an error finishing my purchase with stripe.

As I said, stripe has a good security system, because of this, sometimes it might not let you finish your purchase at first, in case this happens, please call your credit card provider and let them know if was an intended purchase and it will allow you to purchase from me in the future.It's a protection measure provided to avoid fraudulent purchases.

What’s the difference than buying from Neopets directly? First of all, my cards have a discount because of Brazilian currency exchange rate, so it allows me to sell NC Cards for cheaper and you receive gift boxes when activating a card that you wouldn’t receive when buying on the site, also, any issue you may face, you can directly contact me instead of waste days trying to reach neopets support system.

I’m not from the US, can I still buy the cards? YES! The price is set in dollar but i accept payments in any currency, so you can buy it from anywhere in the world (except from Argentina because of their laws when buying internationally, sorry to disappoint my argentinean friends). Just remember to check how much of your currency it will be charged when converting to dollar.

How do I redeem it? To redeem your code, on the neopets website, at the NC Mall tab, click on “Redeem Neocash Cards”, you will need to login to activate the code.

How do you get the cards? Is it safe? I buy the cards from the official Brazilian supplier that sells Neopets cards to all stores in Brazil. It is safe and any issue you might face, I’ll provide full assistance as fast as possible (sometimes, if night time here in Brazil I might take a few hours to answer).

I guess that’s all I have so far, again, any issue/doubt/concern, feel free to reach out to me via the contact tab, facebook or e-mail. Have an amazing day/night!

**Thank you for the amazing support, I always try my best to provide the best experience possible to anyone buying at my shop! **

Quick disclaimers:

  • No physical version of the card will be sent.
  • I'm only responsable for sales made via my link, if you bought from someone else, contact the seller directly.

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